Dr.-Ing. Renate Sachse
    Laureate 2022

    Dr.-Ing. Renate Sachse has been awarded the 2022 Bertha Benz Prize for her dissertation entitled “Variational Motion Design for Adaptive Structures” ...



    Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Rommerskirchen
    Laureate 2021

    The Bertha Benz Prize 2021 of the Daimler and Benz Foundation has been awarded to Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Rommerskirchen. “Continuous Flow-Electrode Capacitive Deionization (FCDI)” is the title of her dissertation ...



    Dr.-Ing. Katrin Philipp
    Laureate 2020

    The Daimler and Benz Foundation has awarded its Bertha Benz Prize 2020 to Dr.-Ing. Katrin Philipp for her thesis on the “Investigation of aberration correction and axial scanning in microscopy employing adaptive lenses ...



    Dr.-Ing. Almut Albiez
    Laureate 2019

    The Bertha Benz Prize 2019 was awarded to Dr. Almut Albiez for her outstanding thesis on “Mechanical characterization and investigation of the deformation behavior of high-strength structures with 3D microarchitecture” ...