Violence and Social Development

    Prof. Dr. Anke Hoeffler (2022)
    On hearing the word “violence,” many people first think of wars, as is currently the case with Ukraine. However, wars between sovereign states are rare today; most take place within a country. As a result, its social development is reversed ...



    From Bamiyan to Palmyra – How UNESCO Is Saving Our World Heritage

    Dr. Mechtild Rössler (2019)
    In 2001 the Taliban destroyed the two Buddha statues of Bamiyan in Afghanistan as “false idols.” Only the outlines and some fragments of the figures remained, which were around 1,500 years old. The detonation “shook” the whole world ...



    Healing Architecture – Wishful Thinking or Reality?

    Prof. Dr. Tanja C. Vollmer (2018)
    Hospitals in Germany are still built strictly according to principles of economy and pure utility value. But this fails to take into account the fact that the outer architectural space directly influences patients’ inner physical well-being ...