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Erschienen: Juni 2016

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The Daimler and Benz Foundation considers the social dimension of autonomous driving will be of at least as great significance as the technological one. Innovative technologies are by themselves insufficient to shape these developments and to realize automated driving in our society. We are therefore well advised to already start asking ourselves such questions today and not simply accept this profound change in our mobility as given, allowing it to "overrun" us. To shed light on the ethical, social, legal, psychological, or transport-related aspects of this process, the Daimler and Benz Foundation invited researchers from various specialist fields to address this topic.

Erschienen: Mai 2015

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The Daimler and Benz Foundation provides the scientific community with the encouragement it needs to develop tomorrow's ideas, today. Crossing borders as well as disciplines, the Foundation promotes scientific findings that help individuals and that improve their living conditions. The Foundation believes it can play an integral role in shaping a responsible future that benefits society as a whole.