Call for submissions for a modern event format “Innovative Science Communication”


The Daimler and Benz Foundation is funding the planning and implementation of an event on the topic of “Innovative Science Communication” with an overall sum of up to €30,000. Eligible to apply are non-profit institutions, companies or organizations from the fields of culture, education, science and industry that operate throughout Germany and wish to organize and stage an event on the communication of science.

1. Motivation
Dialog between science and the public is becoming increasingly important. The Covid-19 pandemic, in particular, has shown that there is often a lack of knowledge about the fundamentals of science and that part of the population treats scientific findings with resentment. At the same time, the pandemic has brought about a significant shift from traditional to online event formats. The Daimler and Benz Foundation nevertheless sees personal contact between scientists and interested laypersons as indispensable for intensifying this discourse – and thus one’s own knowledge – about current issues on the solid basis of scientific findings. Only a trusting dialog between science and society can contribute to a free society and a future worth living.

2. Focus of the call for submissions
Funding is to be provided for an innovative event aimed at communicating scientific findings to a broad-based public audience. The event should set itself apart from the usual formats and appeal to people of different age groups. The aim is to stimulate a fundamental interest in science and research by communicating scientific content. The location, time, duration and orientation in terms of content and target groups can be freely chosen. This offer is directed toward non-profit institutions, companies and organizations from the fields of culture, education, science and industry with creative ideas for an event format that encourages direct, close and personal exchange between scientists and interested laypersons. It addresses various areas and industries that have a highly individualized orientation: Applications can be submitted for example by museums with a regional focus, institutions that address specific target groups, companies with a scientific emphasis, or universities that particularly focus on research.

The Daimler and Benz Foundation welcomes a variety of formats in terms of content and form, for example:

  • Communication of specific research results
  • Presentation of research programs
  • Interdisciplinary treatment of topics
  • Future scenarios
  • Modern lecture formats
  • Innovative opportunities for encounter
  • Creative workshops
  • Use of multimedia formats
  • Dialog between scientists and participants
  • Playful communication of content
  • A combination of several ideas

This list is of course not exhaustive.

3. Use of the funding budget
Depending on the concept, form and implementation of the event, the funding budget of up to €30,000 can be used freely for a variety of purposes, including for example hall rental, catering, remuneration, travel expenses, invitations, fees, communication for addressing specific target groups, follow-on publications and on-site dialogs.

The Daimler and Benz Foundation can accept your application by email up until April 30, 2023. Please use the application form available on the homepage. The decision on the award of funding will be made by external appraisers together with the Executive Board and the Management of the Daimler and Benz Foundation. If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Hallenberger (Tel. +49 (0)6203 1092 0,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
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