18th Innovation Forum, November 5, 2018
Organized Creativity –
Openness through Closure?”


Some 45 young scientists and managers came together at Haus Huth in Berlin for an exchange of current findings in creativity promotion and research.
In their opening presentation, the project managers Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow and Prof. Dr. Elke Schüssler outlined the scope of various definitions of creativity. They pointed that out from the viewpoint of today’s research, these forms must be seen as too static and in part deficient, since they have not yet been adequately treated beyond the bounds of companies or organizations. In a digital economy in which disruptive developments have now become the rule rather than the exception, treatment must be extended to include their specific dynamics and the procedural elements by which they are controlled. In addition to the lectures, in various working discussions examples were examined of how start-ups, state health service providers or global players such as the software corporation SAP are now using refined methods to network their employees online, so that problems of customer care, for example, can be solved from an intercultural perspective.

Scientific directors:
Prof. Dr. Elke Schüßler, Johannes Kepler University of Linz
Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow, Free University of Berlin