Entrechment or Rapprochement
Interdisciplinarity in Practice


For decades now, being interdisciplinary has promised academic success, while focus on single disciplines, once wellsprings of innovation, has seemed myopic. But under what conditions has interdisciplinary work actually led to insights equally recognized by specialists on all sides? The question is particularly pertinent to collaborations between fields as disparate as the humanities and the natural sciences. How can the interdisciplinary-minded minimize the risk of dilettantism? What kinds of cooperation are most effective? What interests does opening the humanities to the hard empirical disciplines serve? What are some examples, past and present, where interdisciplinarity has borne fruit? What are some examples where it has not?

  • Andrea Albrecht, Heidelberg
  • Franziska Bomski, Potsdam

Einstein Forum
May 6-8, 2021

The event was funded from
the Daimler and Benz Foundation.