Didactics of Law


Unlike other university courses, the study of law has not seen change in the form of lasting reforms over the past few years. The problems involved are illustrated for example by the fact that even today, most students attend commercial revision courses when preparing for examinations, despite the establishment of examination preparation courses at universities. The universities thus do not enjoy the necessary trust on the part of their students. The need for action was borne out by a systematic evaluation of lectures; as a result, the universities have been giving more consideration to the structure of their teaching, their aims and their methods. Some universities are already offering pioneering models.

The question of how teaching in law curricula could be improved is therefore a key issue at the currently 42 law faculties in Germany. The Ladenburg Roundtable “Didactics of Law" sets out to conduct an empirical analysis of the present situation, discuss reforms, and develop specific proposals for a solution. The associated research question is: Are there aspects of study that are not being given due attention by didactics of law, but which at the same time have great potential for improvement? The focus here is on reinforcing self-learning competence, communicating values, enhancing the effectiveness of student project teams, and establishing links to practical applications.

Scientific director:
Prof. Dr. Jörn Griebel, Chair of Public Law and International Economic Law, University of Siegen