AVENUE21 – Autonomous Traffic: Developments in Urban Europe in the 21st century


Automated and networked vehicles will fundamentally change not only traffic, but also mobility and goods supplies in general, as well as the appearance of our cities. An interdisciplinary team at the Vienna University of Technology examines these expected changes. The scientists are developing scenarios that show how this process can be realized ecologically and with economic foresight.
In their surveys, the researchers involved are initially focusing on three European metropolis regions and intensively examining their settlement structures: London, Vienna and the Randstad, a metropolitan area in the west of the Netherlands. They are also analyzing how six megatrends (ecological and economic change, transformation in values, urbanization, demographic change, the new world order, institutional and political change) are influencing the cities of Europe, in particular the relationship between urban and rural areas.

Project coordination:
Dr. Mathias Mitteregger, Faculty of Architecture and Planning,
Vienna University of Technology

Participating scientists:
Ian Bannerjee
Prof. Dr. Martin Berger
Emilia M. Bruck
Prof. Dr. Jens S. Dangschat
Alexander Diem
Prof. Rudolf Scheuvens
Aggelos Soteropoulos
Andrea Stickler

Homepage of the project team

AVENUE21. Automatisierter und vernetzter Verkehr: Entwicklungen des urbanen Europa
AVENUE21. Politische und planerische Aspekte der automatisierten Mobilität