Shyam Wuppuluri
    Scholarship holder 2020

    Much of today’s science is Reductionist (bottom-up) - behaviour on one level is explained by reducing it to components on a lower level. Chemistry is reduced to molecules, which are reduced to atoms, thereby to electrons, protons, and neutrons and so on. Ecosystems are explained in terms of populations of organisms ...



    Ryan Ruby
    Scholarship holder 2019

    It is clear that, over the past decade, liberal democracy has undergone a profound crisis of legitimation. Confidence in liberal democratic institutions has plummeted as ideological competitors, mostly on the right, have upended liberal political establishments around the world ...



    Nari Shelekpayev
    Scholarship holder 2018

    Opera is one of the most sophisticated forms of musical and artistic expression. Not only does it require professional musicians but it also necessitates a considerable infrastructure, such as performance and rehearsal spaces, decorations and so on. Last but not least opera requires ...